Gaita na Fábrica – Renato Borghetti Quartet

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Flamboyant accordionist Renato Borghetti and his quartet present their new project ‘Gaita na Fábrica’ (Accordion in the Factory). It is produced entirely in the cultural space where Borghetti is developing his new social project.
The ‘Fábrica de Gaiteiros’ (Factory of Accordionists) is located in the town of Barra do Ribeiro near Porto Alegre in Southern Brazil, next to the ranch of the charismatic accordion star.

Under the direction of Emily Borghetti, Renato’s daughter and an architect, the old factory on the bank of the Guaíba river was transformed into a beautiful, multifunctional space containing an accordion factory, an accordion school, and a small concert venue.
It is a magical, inspiring place where children and young adults can develop their love for music and at the same time learn how to play and build the ‘gaita ponto’ or 8 bass diatonic accordion, the instrument that represents the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The quartet’s new album is the result of this very special atmosphere. Most of the twelve compositions on this album, are composed by Renato Borghetti and his musical friends who have been working together for more than 20 years. They are the fruit of many years of shared friendship and travelling.
The compositions are a mature and contemporary twist on the typical rhythms from the south of Brazil. Milongas, vaneiras, xote and chamamés executed in an unconventional and almost classical formation.

‘Wow, this is good! (…) From the opening Milonga Para Samoes Lopes Neto to the jaw-dropping guitar/accordeon duels of O Sem Vergonha, every minute of Andanças is music of the highest class. And they’re playing it all live!’ (fRoots on Andanças)

The Borghetti quartet is:

Renato Borghetti: diatonic accordion
Pedrinho Figueiredo: soprano sax and flute
Daniel Sá: guitars, musical director
Vitor Peixoto: piano and cajon

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    Milonga De La Puteada

    Renato Borghetti Quarteto

International reviews

‘A gentle, refelctive album born from a fantastically worthwile project’.  (Songlines)

‘Ces airs plaisants et élégants avec sax, flûte, guitare et piano ne forment  qu’une  des découvertes offertes par ce cd. ‘ (Le Canard Folk, nov 2016)

‘Geschmeidig ist die Musik des Akkordeonisten Renato Borghetti. Sein diatonisches Knopf-Akkordeon, das Gaita Ponto, steht meist im Zentrum der Kompositionen, ohne aber Gitarre, Violine oder unterschiedliche Blasinstrumente zur Seite zu drängen. Und auch ohne sich von der grösseren Klangbreite des Pianos bedrängen zu lassen.’ (GlobalSounds.Info [CH] nov 2016)

‘Das Album „Gaita na Fábrica” ist also randvoll mit ländlicher Gaucho-Musik, die aber einen starken Hang zum Jazz hat. Denn Borgehtti improvisiert in extrovertierter Weise und macht seinem Ruf als Musiker des Volkes alle Ehre.’ (, nov 2016)

‘Eine fröhliche und vibrierende Musik, die Jazzimprovisationen beinhaltet.’ (

‘[Borghetti] zeigt auf dem meist als quirlig empfundenen Instrument, dass er besinnlich spielen kann, aber auch Dissonantes. Insgesamt eine fröhliche und vibrierende Musik.  (Folker [D])

‘Che musica, che maestro!’ (, nov 2016)

Dutch reviews

‘De ritmes zijn typisch zuid-Braziliaans, met milonga’s, vaneiras, xote en nog wat voor ons redelijk onbekende ritmes die allemaal op een bijzonder spannende en tegelijk klassieke manier worden uitgevoerd. Eén voet in de traditie, en verder op avontuur, zo zou je het kunnen zeggen.
Naast Borghetti op de diatonische accordeon horen we Pedrinho Figueiredo op fluit en sopraansax, Daniel Sa op gitaren en Vitor Peixoto op piano en cajon. Een pracht van een groeiplaatje.’ (