International award for Sokratis Sinopoulos!

On November 15th the new “Bestenliste” (List of the best records) of the past three months was published by the “Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik”  (German Record Critics’ Award). We are proud to announce that Under The Rose Tree is on the list!

You can read the full review here.


‘A string instrument, hardly longer than a forearm, a bow, only three strings: The Greek lyre has hardly changed since antiquity, but still fits into many contemporary musical styles. Sokratis Sinopoulis plays it in a very traditional way – his fingernails laid flat on the strings, creating a rough, nasal tone that fascinates listeners and fellow musicians: synthetic or humanly sensitive? A lament, a dance? Music from the harbour pub, from the evening entertainment in the village? Sinopoulos collected his favourite pieces for a concert in Amsterdam, thus documenting the various facets of his musical origins. With percussion and the lute Oud, his quartet underlines the references to their southeastern neighbours, while pianist Yann Keerim opens the door to jazz wide. ”


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