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New guitar music from Uruguay – Duo Umbral

New guitar music from Uruguay - Duo Umbral

Young, highly virtuoso Dúo the guitarras Umbral plays New Guitar Music from Uruguay,  compositions by Sergio Fernández Cabrera. Beautiful classical music with elements of folk music, a true discovery. Most pieces are world premieres. Uruguay always remains in the shadow of big brother Argentina with regards to tango. But when it comes to guitar music, […]

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The island – Alexander Balanescu & Ada Milea

Alexander balanescu & Ada Milea - The Island

Since its formation in 1987, the Balanescu Quartet has acquired a reputation as one of the leading contemporary ensembles in the world. The driving force behind the quartet has always been the virtuoso violinist and composer Alexander Balanescu, who leads his musicians across musical frontiers into new unchartered territory. The new cd, however, is very […]

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Visions Fugitives – Benjamin Hulett & 440Hz

Benjamin Hulett & 440Hz Visions Fugitives

Haze and ecstasy, hallucination and dream: around 1900 – the so-called ‘fin de siècle’ – poets begin to discover the world of the subconscious. It is the age of literary decadence, of symbolism and Art Nouveau. Arthur Rimbaud, protagonist of an entire generation of French poets, who died at an early age, and Russian symbolist […]

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Departures – Benjamin Hulett & Alexander Soddy

Benjamin Hulett & Alexander Soddy - Departuresde

Travelling is part of human nature: ever since our first steps out of Africa travel is a source of inspiration for many. It is also the theme of the new cd of the British tenor Benjamin Hulett, who made a personal choice from the works of British composers and also commissioned ‘Joys of Travel’ by […]

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Caraguatá – Gustavo Pazos Conde

Caraguatá is the first solo album by guitarist Gustavo Pazos Conde. It is a very personal record reflecting his Uruguayan roots, but above all it showcases his talents as a musician as well as a composer. Several years have passed since Gustavo Pazos released his first instrumental cd Papas Calientes (Hot Potatoes, 1998), a duet […]

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Estación Edén – Gustavo Pazos Conde

Estación Edén, the new solo-album by guitarist Gustavo Pazos Conde, is a tribute to the music of Uruguay and Argentina. Gustavo Pazos Conde is a very skilled and sensitive guitarist. His first solo-album, Caraguatá (S 62614) was the expression of a world of feelings, emotions, landscapes and never written stories. His new album walks the […]

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